French Diplôme d’Ingénieur is at last equivalent in the US to a Master’s Degree

US Global High Education Association “AACRAO” acknowledges that French Engineering Schools provide students with a a level of education comparable to a Master’s Degree in Engineering in the United States

This is great news for French Engineers! In December 2012, an AACRAO team of international experts met with members of CAMPUSFRANCE, a French national agency which promotes higher education and international student mobility, as well as officials and educators involved in engineering education. The meeting revolved around the AACRAO EDGE database’s credential advice regarding French education. The conversations focused largely on engineering education in France – specifically the engineering grande ecoles which are the elite system of schools that exist alongside the university sector in French higher education.  According to EDGE accreditations, French “Diplôme d’Ingénieur” has been described as comparable to the U.S. Bachelor of Science in Engineering. This time is over, and this will reduce the complexity to obtain a job or a visa, or the possibility to do a PhD.

Bravo !

Sources from the French Embasy in the United States and the AACRAO website.

2 thoughts on “French Diplôme d’Ingénieur is at last equivalent in the US to a Master’s Degree

  1. Hello Alexandre,

    I study at Centrale Paris too and I read the two references you found (in fact, they must have changed the link of the second article, but I think I found the new link:

    While the French article is quite optimistic (since it is very good news for us, of course), reading the second one I am not sure that any American university would accept me in a PhD program if I applied now or if it would depend on another evaluation made by the university (I have already been told this). Do you know more about the subject?

    Merci !

  2. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for the link, you were right, it was not working.
    Obviously I would say that spreading information will require some time. And I think you are right, the evaluation is made by the University first, and then you have to go through the process of VISA and so on.
    If I were you, I would put the copy of the article in my application, and use my network to make people understand in the University that my application is valuable.

    But I don’t know much more about it… Maybe the best would be to contact CAMPUSFRANCE and ask for help. Maybe a service to help students has been created.

    Good luck anyway !!

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